Eilat Queen of Sheba Resort Dining Hall

Enrico Segre Architects formulated a concept for a complex of spaces in Hilton’s Eilat Queen of Sheba Resort. The main goal in planning this 1,000m2 dining hall,was to create an intimate atmosphere in a space that could contain a large amount of people.

The space was divided into sub-spaces, each designed with different materials and colors, yet in complete harmony with one another. The sub-spaces were designed with a dual purpose: creating an intimate atmosphere and giving the illusion of space. The color scale varies, and consists of neutral, warm, and black colors.

In order to reduce noise levels, a unique acoustic ceiling was planned by Enrico Segre Architects. All systems, including lighting, were integrated into the ceiling to create visual silence.

Located in the center of the hall, an 18-meter long “island” functions both as a kitchen and a serving area. The island, equipped with the most innovative technology, also has a number additional unique elements developed specifically for this project.  Above the island, an automated lighted ceiling allows for various levels of lighting to create any type of atmosphere.

The lighting system has been planned to give a functional and experiential solution to activities occurring during the day and night. Together with the technical lighting fixtures, decorative fixtures were placed in the ceiling and furniture.

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