In his early career, he worked for leading architecture firms in Israel, both as an architect and as an architect team leader. Having gained considerable experience, he decided to establish his own studio, with the intention of refining and promoting a unique planning method that he had developed over the years.

The studio – Enrico Segre Architects – has accumulated over 30 years of practical experience and has earned a sterling reputation in the planning and supervision of high-profile, professional projects both in Israel and around the world. The studio has carried out numerous architecture and interior design projects for the business and private sectors, including residential, commercial and hospitality buildings, offices and cultural and leisure buildings.

Enrico Segre

Architect Enrico Segre was born in Italy, and graduated with honors from the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology Faculty of Architecture in 1987.

The planning process

Architect Enrico Segre's holistic approach to planning addresses different layers simultaneously. The planning process begins with research and an in-depth analysis of the physical and sensory needs of the client and the building's future users, fully taking into account the location and its context. The studio has extensive experience in combining and superimposing systems in a closely supervised and well-coordinated way.

The architectural concept and planning are comprehensive, from the planning of the surroundings through that of the building down to the smallest interior details, with special attention to materials, colors and light. Lighting considerations – how spaces and objects are illuminated – are an integral and significant component of every planning project.

In every design, the goal is to maximize integration between the desired experiential quality of the space and ideal functional solutions, without losing sight of major objectives pertaining to branding, economic considerations and performance.

Our careful preliminary architectural study results in designs characterized by a clear concept, clean lines, the use of contemporary as well as traditional materials and technologies, and precision in all phases of planning and execution, to the full satisfaction of the studio's clients.

Enrico Segre Architects has been developing new ideas and tools in architecture and interior design in response to technological and cultural innovations and changing needs.

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