Architect Enrico Segre follows the holistic approach to planning, one that views planning as a process that integrates knowledge from different fields so as to create a whole that meets the needs and requirements of all concerned, as well as the highest standards of aesthetics and atmosphere. A whole that contributes to, and is at the same time informed and inspired by the physical surroundings, both immediate and further afield. All of this, while paying special attention to branding, economic and performance considerations.

The planning process at Enrico Segre Architects is characterized by a comprehensive architectural study, clean lines and a clear concept, the use of both contemporary and traditional materials and technologies, and a careful consideration of details and execution.

The architectural concept follows a comprehensive approach, from the planning of the physical environment through that of the building and down to the smallest details of the interior spaces, with special attention to materials, color and light. Lighting considerations are an integral and significant part of any design.

The creation of a space begins where the planner manages to relate to, understand and identify with its future users, with the purpose of the space, and with the added value created by connecting all of its components.

Commerce and entertainment complexes

Doubt is the father of invention

Galileo Galilei

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