The ability to achieve a synthesis between the needs, the functional requirements, and the site on the one hand, and the space, materials, colors and light on the other, creates the whole. The first step before any architectural design, is a thorough analysis of the location of the project, and of the physical, environmental and sensory needs of the client.

Enrico Segre Architects is convinced that the successful planning of a project is predicated on the identification of its DNA, with special reference to economic and performance considerations.

Enrico Segre Architects has extensive experience in combining and superimposing systems in a closely supervised and well-coordinated way.

The studio has been developing new ideas and tools in architecture and interior design in response to evolving technological and cultural trends and specific needs, as they emerge.

Each of the many offices and workspaces designed by Enrico Segre Architects (thousands of square meters) is unique. Every design is based on the specific needs of the client and the office staff. Some of the designs are very modern and some are classical, but they all fully meet the goals set at the beginning of the journey.

A project's goals include not only the technical program and the connections required between the space's functions, but also an understanding of how one should feel in each space, what atmosphere do we want its occupants and guests to experience and how it is affected by its immediate and broader surroundings.

Offices and workspaces

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