Architect Enrico Segre has designed office buildings for high-tech industries, high-rise towers, as well as entertainment and commercial complexes. As architect-in-charge and lead planner, Segre has designed numerous public buildings, taking into full consideration the surrounding urban space, the needs of the various stakeholders and the requirements of the entrepreneurs.

Over the years, the studio has served as planner and consultant for the Israel Land Administration in the Old Jaffa renewal project, for the Airports Authority in the acoustic shielding project, and carried out an international project in the city of Prague that included the planning of a large (110,000 m2) mixed-use complex with commercial, leisure and recreation functions, and dozens of buildings earmarked for conservation.

The urban fabric is the city's fingerprint, and affects the lives of its residents in many ways. Architectural design is a privilege which comes with a weighty responsibility with considerable functional implications that affect every aspect of our lives.

Public buildings

A person creates with their brains and not with their hands.


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