Architect Enrico Segre's holistic approach simultaneously addresses the different planning layers.
The preliminary study begins with an in-depth analysis of the physical and sensory needs of the users, fully considering the location and its context. The studio strives to maximize integration between the desired user's experience and the best functional solutions for each designed space, without losing sight of economic and performance considerations.

Segre has designed many building complexes and residential buildings characterized by urban and environmental integration and by close attention to both developers' requirements and residents' needs.

Every person has three "envelopes": skin, clothing, and dwelling.

Before planning begins, Enrico Segre Architects performs a thorough architectural study, which results in a design characterized by clean lines and a clear concept, and a final project involving the use of both contemporary and traditional materials and technologies, with careful attention to detail and high standards of execution and finish.

Residential buildings

If you have a dream, don't let it go, follow it all the way

Smadar Shir

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